Volume Conversion Table

With this volume conversion chart you can convert cubic inches to cubic meters, gallons to liters (Lt) to fluid ounces (fl oz) and more.

To convert from to multiply by
cubic inch (cu in) cubic meter (cu m) 0.00001639
cubic foot (cu ft) cubic meter (cu m) 0.02831685
cubic yard (cu yd) cubic meter (cu m) 0.7645549
gallon (gal) liter 4.546
Canada liquid gallon (gal) cubic meter (cu m) 0.004546
Canada liquid gallon (gal) liter 4.5461760
U.S. liquid gallon (gal) cubic meter (cu m) 0.00378541
U.S. liquid fluid ounce (fl oz) milliliters (ml) 29.57353
fluid ounce (fl oz) cubic meter (cu m) 0.00002957
1 cubic inch = 16.387064 cubic centimetres
cran = 170.478375 cubic decimetres
bushel = 0.03636872 cubic metre