Welcome is a free resource for users to convert measurement units into or out of metric units. We provide some static metric conversion tables and charts to do metric unit conversions online.

Metric Conversion

Area conversions

such as square centimeters to square inches, square meters to square feet, square kilometers to square miles, square hectares to square acres, and vice versa.

Clothing and Shoes

convert from the shoe and clothing size used in one country or region to the shoe or clothing size used in another country or region.

Cooking conversions

For those of us who need to convert teaspoons to tablespoons, tablespoons to cupfuls, and cupfuls to liters, this page is for us.

Length conversions

such as kilometer to mile conversions, meters to yards, centimeters to inches, millimeters to inches, and vice versa.

Liquid volume conversions

such as liters to gallons, liters to quarts, liters to pints, milliliters to fluid ounces, and vice versa.

Mass / Weight conversions

such as grams to ounces, kilograms to pounds, metric tons to short tons, mass (weight) per length, mass per volume (density) and more.

Power conversions

such as horsepower (hp) to watt (W), mile per hour (mph) to kilometer per hour(km/hr), feet per day (ft/day) to centimeter per second (cm/sec) and more.

Pressure conversions

such as pound per square foot (psf) to kilogram per square meter (kg/sq m), pound per square inch (psi) to megapascal (MPa) etc.

Temperature conversions

such as Celsius conversions to Fahrenheit, calorie (cal) to joule (J), kelvin (K) to degree Celsius (C) and more.